Hello and welcome to my site, I’m Dai Trying and enjoy working on, and with, Linux for all my computing needs, I have used many different Linux distributions and want to use this part of the site to pass on some of the useful tips and tricks I have picked up during my years with it.

I am always tinkering with bash and python scripts many of which I will be posting here for anyone that can make use of them. I also have a git-hub repository with a few packages I have created for specific purposes and they can be viewed (and downloaded) On git-hub

I hope you find something of interest here and it can help you in some way, if there is anything you would like to see please add a comment and I will see if it is something I can do.

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Can I add a photo on the q4os Linux desktop, and use it as a wallpaper. I love using the desktop I just think it would be cool to add a photo on it

Yes this can be done easily by right clicking the image you want to use and select Use image as wallpaper. Sorry for the delay in replying.

Q4OS is great, but when I first compile a video in Kdenlive, the audio does not work. To restore the audio, I have to log out. and then reopen Kdenlive and then the audio has returned. I do not know if this is a bug, or is there something I can do to rectify this small problem. But the operating system is great.

Hi Graham, I haven’t been using Q4OS in a while now but you should ask on the forum if this problem still persists, and sorry it took so long to answer.

Wow your Q4OS installation guides have got to be the clearest, simplest and most up to date I’ve ever come across for Linux.

After a couple of years searching and trying various Linux flavours, with myriad approaches, nearly all of them ubergeeky and complicated, or simple and not working, I’m sitting here watching Q4OS install happily on my old lappy.

Have tried Zorin OS (nice but slow on old gear), ArchLinux (way too complicated for Windows newbs), Manjaro (ditto), even Peppermint (decent enough, but clunky and a bit slow under load) I was not that impressed with ‘the look’ at first until I read about it being aimed at older Windows system users e.g. XP and Win7 with an option for looking like Win10 !

Myself, I like the look of the newer templates that come with Q4OS itself – trying them next!

Thank you for you comment, I am glad you found it helpful and will be updating it soon with the new information for Centaurus as it becomes the Stable version.

Hi ,today i just realized you have a web site .
And i do like the clean well set out approach and interesting topics.
Its easy to navigate ,not cluttered and confusing like some web site i have visited in the past.
I have saved it in my bookmarks as you have helped me in the Q4OS forums and you obviously are an expert at linux.
I look forward to communicating with you here and on the Q4OS forum.
Kind Regards
Graeme ( you will know me on Q4OS as graeme61)

Thank you Graeme, I’m not sure about the “expert” bit but I have accumulated a fair understanding over the years and try to share that with anyone who listens 🙂


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