Make your desktop look like Windows

Many users want their desktop to look and feel more like the classic Windows interface, this can be achieved quite simply by installing an application called XPQ4, which, as the name suggests will give your Q4OS a more Windows look, although it is not limited to the Xp look, you can also use a Windows 10 theme and others in between.

To start using these themes you should first visit the XPQ4 website and download the Q4OS installer, there are two options and you should choose the one for you, the differences are minimal and one of them will include some copyrighted icons for use, this will mean you must accept a user license agreement in order to use them.

The current version (at time of writing) is 2.1. I am using the Full version for this guide and would recommend this for the best user experience.

Once you have the file downloaded you can use the file manager to navigate to where this has been downloaded (/home/user/Documents/ by default).

and simply double click the file setup_xpq4_2.1-a1_all.esh this will start the installation.

Click on Next to continue…

This checks that the system is Ok to install the package, click Next

Here you will need to accept the License Agreement as mentioned earlier, check the box “I Agree”.

Now click “Install” to begin the installation.

Installation take just a few minutes and it’s progress is reported in the progress bar.

When the install process has completed it will tell you (above the progress bar).

Click on Next to continue.

This dialog gives you some information about starting the application, you can also click on the desktop shortcut that has been created. Click on Next and the installer will close and XpQ4 will start.

Here you can see a thumbnail of what the desktops look like to help you choose the best option for your display. You can select and try them all and each will replace the previous settings.

Here are screenshots of my desktop with each of the themes applied.

Windows 2000

Windows Xp Classic

Windows Xp Luna

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

You are free to adjust the settings in the normal way and can change transparency, colours and icons if you prefer something different.

I hope you can find the desktop you prefer to use, and if you need some help with a specific setting you want to change visit the Q4OS forum where someone will try to help you.