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Q4OS (Scorpion) Full Installation Guide

I have created an installation guide for installing Q4OS which is a Debian based Linux distribution which offers low resource usage combined with a highly configurable desktop based on TDE.

TDE (Trinity Desktop Environment) was borne from KDE 3.5 which many consider to be one of the best KDE versions, although to use that now would feel somewhat outdated. TDE has evolved to become quite a stable and usable desktop that can be configured to look and behave in a manner that suits you and/or your working methods.

This guide will take you through the installation of the Stable version codenamed Scorpion  a stable platform for most hardware, old and new.

I have split this guide into sections :-

How to create a Live-Cd-Rom using Windows

How to create a Live-USB using Windows

Install Q4OS from live desktop

Q4OS Welcome Screen

Make your desktop look like Windows

These Guides will take you through installing to a BIOS boot machine, I will be adding a UEFI installation guide very soon.


Building a Conky

Building a conky Part 1 Configuration

Building a conky Part 2 Adding Content

Building a conky Part 3 disks

Bash Linux

Linux network device ID

Linux find your network device ID

Bash Linux

Linux HwMon information

Finding hwmon sensor information

Bash Linux

Linux Sensor Information

Finding Sensor Information